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Head Teacher: Mr J Brewer

PILA 2020 Day 4

PILA 2020 -Day 4 The sun seems to constantly shine on us! All pupils still enjoying the skiing, the pizza night last night and the tubing tonight. It appears the pupils would like to stay next week as well!

PILA 2020 Day 3

PILA 2020 -Day 3 Great day again. Sunny, snow still good. Kids having a brilliant time and enjoying the skiing. Again they have all made progress and are proud of themselves. The boys came down a black run… twice, this afternoon.

PILA 2020 Day 2

PILA 2020 -Day 2 Another brilliant day with great snow and lots of sunshine. All groups doing really well and making amazing progress. Bowling this evening was great fun. Pictures to follow” thanks again.

PILA 2020 Day 1

PILA 2020 -Day 1 We have all arrived safe and made a start to our first ski trip on the slopes. Please bear with us as the photos will come a day or so late due to Internet access.