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Parent Comments

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Comments from parents

“My son is very happy at Treetops. He doesn’t like school holidays as he misses the school environment. He has made a lot of progress since he joined the school.”
Hannah Akinmolayan

“This school changed my daughter’s life for the best and mine as a parent knowing she is happy and learning so much.”

Angela Jordan

“Louis has been at Treetops 9/10 years now and has grown from strength to strength with the help and guidance from Mr Smith and all the wonderful teachers. He has met all our expectations and more from being a pupil at such a wonderful school. The dedication, committment and passion that all the staff show is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Suggestions for improvement:
A bigger school to give all children like Louis the chance to ‘thrive’.”
Joanne Humphreys

“In such a short amount of time, Isabelle has made so much progress not just academically but in herself. She’s happy. She’s (very) happy to come to school and she’s still happy when she comes home. So thank you all.”
Laura Gillingham

“Since starting Treetops just three weeks ago, Tyler has gone from hating school life to enjoying it. I cannot believe the noticeable changes in him. For the first time in all his schooling he wants to talk about what he’s been doing at school. He has said that he feels accepted, normal and intelligent for the first time. The staff and pupils all treat him nicely. He is showing more confidence. Being happy at school has changed not only Tyler’s life, but also his family’s.”
Clare Hollowbread

“We are writing to thank you and all your wonderful staff for the support, guidance and patience shown to our son Lewis over the past few years.

Lewis was lucky enough to gain a plan in VBN just after his third birthday. At the time he was not talking and had a great deal of challenging behaviours. To be honest we were very fearful of his future.

Yesterday we were told that he longer needed to attend VB classes and would now be spending his school day solely in Class 3. In less than five years the fantastic work done by every therapist and class teacher he has worked with has given him a voice and enabled him to access so much. We feel that the early intervention he received along with the wonderful VB programme has transformed his life completely.

We just wanted to say thank you. Your staff have helped and supported all of our family and are all heroes to us.”
Rachel & David Evans

“Since starting at Treetops Thaila has come on in leaps and bounds. Academically she is now at a level that she should be for her age. To me this is absolutely amazing, a completely different girl in just a year! Socially we can now do things we could never do before! Treetops is amazing and Thaila is very lucky to be part of it. Very happy Mummy.”
Chantelle Houry

“Aryan’s progress has been very good and he is improving very well, we are so very proud of the progress he has made over the last year. Aryan is very happy at school and has made many friends.”
Tracy Gusterson

“Angel is very happy at school and I’m sure if you were open 7 days a weeks she would go!”
​Steven Jolly

“Harry is extremely happy at school which is fantastic to see. He enjoys his learning as well as the social side of school. This is mainly due to the wonderful staff and well-run school. Harry has never been so relaxed anywhere else other than home.
I would like to thank the entire staff for making this a wonderful place for my son to learn.”
​Karen Williamson

“We are glad to advise that Pasha is very happy in Treetops and we are very grateful for all effort from your side of school staff.”
​Maxin Yanvarev

“We feel that Matt has settled in school ad doing well and doing his best. He is happy to go to school and enjoys his time at school. We are pleased with his progress and found the recent parents evening very informative.”
Carmela Gargano

“Frankie is always happy to go to school. His VB teachers are excellent and have brought out his learning skills well. He has just started to speak so is a happy, positive boy.”
​Charlotte Moore

“Our son, Harvey, has autism and started at Treetops in September 2013 (at the start of Year 4). Until this time he was in mainstream school and although he ‘coped’ we felt Treetops could address his needs and be a more appropriate school setting for him.

Any parent reading this will understand the worry of changing your child’s school but his transition went perfectly. Harvey now talks to us about his day and what he is learning. We have seen vast improvements in his language, social skills and his interaction with the staff and his peers. The transportation provided is efficient and Harvey really enjoys the trip to and from school.

We are so pleased with the teaching and support Harvey receives. Harvey loves Treetops and he is very happy there.”
Nadia and Brian Lambert

“Tommy has progressed well in his limited capacity. He seems generally happy at school. He is working on signs which we hope will improve further. He seems to have good rapport with his teachers and they always go the extra mile in his best interests which we greatly appreciate.”
Jean Byrne

“My son (Oshoke Foy-Yamah) is always happy when going to school everyday. I am happy with him as one of the students of Treetops because he has been developing in all manner of ramifications (socially, physically, morally, emotionally and psychologically). Thanks to you all.”

Roseline Foy-Yamah

“Kable enjoys going to school and always seems to have lots of fun. Kable really enjoys water so he likes the swimming most Thursdays. The teachers and therapists are always very friendly and helpful and I know I can always call if I have concerns at home or in school and they are happy to help and give me good advice. There is always activities to attend and Kable is doing so well with all the help from the school as well.”
​Laura Hubbard

“Aiden is always happy to come to school. I’m always amazed at the progress Aiden makes each year and this year has been
no exception. Aiden has made fantastic progress. This is due to the hard work not only from Aiden, but also the staff and family.
I am so grateful for all the help and support we receive as a family from Treetops.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just keep up all the hard work.”
Susan Weddell

“Daniel has come so far since he has started at Treetops. His confidence has grown term by term which is so wonderful to see. Academically I am just amazed with all the help from his teachers. He loves coming to school.
It is such a joy listening to him tell us about something he has learnt and found enjoyable at school. We cannot thank the staff enough for their continued outstanding effort they put into every lesson. Just keep doing what you are doing because it works!”
Kelsey Callow

“I’m very proud and happy to see every day how my son is coping better and better and better. When something is working very good that means no need any changing!”

Daniel Radu

“I am really pleased at Treetops and Demi’s teachers. I can see good progress with Demi’s learning and I can’t say how good that is. Really pleasae at the way they have looked out for Demi with her toilet troubles and her behaviour. Thank you so much.”
Steven MacKay

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